Print Efficiency can Help in Education


Does your school spend a lot of money on print? It's likely more costly than people realize, especially if no one has done the math lately. How can you make it a little less expensive while still getting what you need from print?

The first step is to contact a local Ricoh dealer and discuss options for managed print and efficient machines. Even just making a few tweaks to how you oversee print tasks and how print oversight is operated can save a lot of money.

Streamline Print to Boost Classroom Time

Next, streamline your print so that teachers have more time in the classroom. Should all students be allowed to print freely? Probably not. Are teachers using supplies efficiently? Maybe. These are things to consider and review with your print vendor.

Ricoh Dealers Support Education

Talking with the local Ricoh dealer like Document Systems can help you to learn how to track your printing and spending, how to get the right printer for the job, and what features can help cut print costs.

Also, Ricoh invests in printing in schools, so you may find that there are programs that can help your school establish the print environment you need.

Saving money on print may be optional, but once your school sees the benefits of cost-cutting around print, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Take a few minutes to talk to the pro team at Document Systems to learn more today.

Getting Academic Institutions the Right Tools

To invest in education, supplying the right tools is critical to provide time for teachers and access for students. Document Systems partners with educational institutions around the country to provide office equipment. Talk to the team about what your school can do to save on print today.