Pros of Having Managed Print

copier in use

The use of printers in the office is one of the constants of any business. There are so many reasons that employees need to use it that it's important to keep enough printers available and to make sure that they are all functional and ready to be used. This can be made easier with the use of managed print services.

Individual Accounts and Accountability

Do you know how often the printers in your office are used? Who is using them? What are they printing? If you don't have the answer to all of these questions, that's understandable. However, it also means there is no accountability in printer usage. With managed print services, each user of the printers can have their own account so that printer usage can easily be tracked. This allows for an assessment of how often they are being used, the individual users of each and who may be overusing the machines. With this kind of accountability, it's easier to get employees to copy only when it's actually needed in order to save on print costs.

Network Security

Keeping a computer network secure is one of the biggest worries in today's offices. The growth of data hacking has made it more important than ever before to guard all company data as well as possible. With digitized data that is backed up in the cloud and kept safe with encryption, your company's documents will have a higher level of security. And with better security comes less chance of data theft that leads to serious problems in your business.

More Productivity

With less wasted time comes a higher level of productivity. Imaging all of the time wasted in the average day when printers aren't working, one is out of paper and the other has had a paper jam for days. That time, multiplied by workday after workday, adds up to an enormous amount of lost time. That lost productivity costs the company, and it creates slower work that may not be ready in time for deadlines. Using managed print services prevents all of this lost time and makes it easier to meet tight deadlines and keep clients happy.

When you're ready for your office to use managed print services, contact us to get it started.