Save Money with Managed Print Services


The process of using an office printer is one that is ingrained in the fabric of today's businesses. When there's printer downtime, this creates a backlog of tasks that employees need to get done, and that creates employee downtime. Here's how you can save money, and productivity, by using managed print services.

Keep Employees on Task

Keeping employees happy and working can be a full-time job, and it often is. However, taking them away from their jobs to do something else entirely can destroy their workflow for the day. This is often what happens when businesses ask their employees to take over everything that goes into maintaining the printers. This loss of productivity will cost your business, and it will lower the morale of the employees who suddenly have a lot more to be responsible for in the office.

Adding to Productivity

Managed print services allow employees to continue to use all of the functions of the printers without having a lot of downtime. With productivity higher, you can expect a correlation with profits. And because employees don't have to take a lot of time away from their job to try to stock printer ink and find the right sizes of paper, productivity for those employees will undoubtedly go up.

The Right Supplies

With managed print services, the supplies that are needed by that particular printer, after considering how those in the office use it, are always there on demand. If someone who is not a printer tech tries to handle these issues, it's likely that money will be spent on the wrong supplies. The wrong type of ink, ink instead of toner, etc., will add to the costs of maintaining the printers. Managed print services often come with the right supplies ordered regularly and installed in the printer so that nothing is wasted. And because any problems with the machines are dealt with quickly, they don't evolve into higher-cost repairs.

If you want to save money and keep productivity high, contact us about your print services.