Should You Lease or Buy Your Copier?


Investing in a copier for your business is a critical part of getting set up, growing, and adapting to technology updates. However, you may come across a big question more than once – should you lease or buy your copier? The easy answer is that it depends on your company, your budget, and your specific needs, and we can dive into that more here.

Every Business Needs the Right Equipment

Of course, every business needs the right equipment and often requires the equipment before getting started. So growth models, customer response, and other budget details may still be up in the air when you need to purchase your copier.

Keeping the priority in place that you need to invest in a copier, we'll review the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying below.

Lease Vs. Buy

The decision to lease or buy is based on your specific business needs, and how you'd like to address cost, growth and change, and office equipment. Here are some quick bullets on the benefits of each option.

  • Lease – you'll want to lease your copier if you think your business may grow quickly, you don't have the budget for an upfront cost, or your business model is still a little TBD.
  • Buy – you can be ready to buy a machine if it's easier to pay at once than monthly, you know you'll need a similar machine for at least a few years, and you would like to not deal with the terms of a lease.

Ask Anything

One of the best ways to make a decision is to talk with a team at a reliable vendor like Document Systems. You can reach out to our team today with your questions about leasing or buying a copy machine, and they will happily talk you through more pros and cons.