Signs it's Time to Upgrade Your Copier

time to upgrade

The copier in the office is a vital business machine that gets plenty of use from many employees. However, there may come a time when that copier simply isn't worth keeping anymore and a new, upgraded model is needed.

Lack of Features

What can your office copier do? If the only answer to this is that it makes copies, your employees are missing out on many other functions that modern copiers can handle. Newer copiers can handle mobile printing and can interact with apps for higher convenience. If more features would help to make your workflows tighter, a new, modern copier would be a good choice.

Repairs and Downtime

At some point, an older copier will need more and more work done to it to keep it working. This often means that it requires more, costly repairs as its life is coming to an end. When it's getting expensive to maintain your current copier, an older model, that money would be much better used to get a newer model that will run better and offer more features to your employees. Take a look at how much you are spending on your older copier and think about whether you want to put more money into it over time.

Keeping Data Secure

You know how important it is today to keep data secure and how many hackers are out there trying to get ahold of that data. Newer copiers have advances security features that encrypt their hard drives and have other security features like password protection. If your old copier is leaving some of your data open to thieves, getting a newer, more secure model is a must for the protection of your sensitive information.

When you can tell that your office is in need of a new copier, contact us to find out about the latest models. We'll find out what your office needs and which models will offer the best features for your business.