Support Learning with Managed Services


Your academic institution is ready to move forward in an increasingly digital world. But sometimes there are barriers for schools - like cost, budget, time, and personnel resources. However, investing in managed services to assist your transition to a more efficient digital institution will only save money and time in the future.

It's time to partner with a reliable vendor that works with educational organizations to increase workplace efficiencies. Read on to see what that looks like, and how it can help you.

The Ricoh Dealer in Education

In schools, your Ricoh dealer can help implement systems to streamline workflows, administrative tasks, and equipment costs. These systems include document management, managed print services, and even efficient, updated Ricoh office equipment that offers additional digital and security support. Partnering with a dealer like Document Systems will help your school to operate in a digital world while saving money on supplies and productivity issues. It's a world where your school can focus on your students again.

How Managed Services Help

Managed services in schools can make a huge difference.

Here's how:

  • Document management streamlines the process of converting files from hard copy to digital so all communications can be in the same online, secure space.

  • Managed print services provide supplies, maintenance, and proactive print support while reducing excess machines and inefficient print practices to save money.

  • Updated office equipment offers more technological features and security benefits than ever before to keep your school running smoothly.

Education Needs Ricoh Services

Educational institutions can benefit from services like managed print through Ricoh dealers. Document Systems partners with communities nationwide get educational institutions what they need to operate better and streamline digital communication. Is your school ready for managed services? Talk to Document Systems to see how you can create efficiencies with the right services.