Today's Essential Tools in Education: Large Format Printer

Teacher using printer in school hallway, group of girl students walking by

For K-12 schools, setting teams up for success and good communication is an ongoing challenge. Especially after the last year of ups and downs with the Coronavirus pandemic, schools need new tools to reach students, build learning, and help share information.

One great solution is large-format printing, which is easy to do in-house to save tons of money instead of taking items to a print shop. Large-format printing in-house can be part of a print lease program or managed print system from your Ricoh dealer.

Let Students Tell Stories

How can large format printing help your school? You can create new, diverse printing opportunities like banners, school papers, educational materials, and more.

Schools can also leverage teaching opportunities by allowing students to create designs for print on the large-format printer to learn the entire large-format process.

Also, students can tell stories with additional options for sharing, materials, and visuals when you save on costs with an in-house large-format printer. Establishing large-format printing abilities opens new doors for students - and teachers - to share inspiration across your school.

See What Your School Can Do

What do you think your school is capable of this year? Maybe it's time for some bold visuals, motivating banners, and other positive communications from your admin and fellow students. Large-format printing is your advanced ticket to telling stories, engaging educational tools, and creating big, bold communications that reach your students no matter where they are coming from - or where they are learning from!

Come Back Better Than Before

Rebuild your educational institution with bigger, better communication and more effort to come back stronger after a rough year. Document Systems is here to help - reach out to the team today.