Top Three Reasons Businesses Love Managed Print


Investing in managed print to consolidate and outsource printing needs can make a significant impact on your business budget.

Managed print is a service that oversees your entire print fleet in addition to repairs, maintenance, and print supplies. Cost savings operate on a fixed price either monthly, by page, or otherwise, which puts your print budget back in order so you can track and plan for a regular budget.

Managed Print Makes Business Run Better

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from managed print, from implementation to consolidation. Optimizing print fleets and minimizing downtime, in addition to managing costs, is applicable for any size business to benefit from since organizations can easily let print costs balloon over time.

Why Companies Need Managed Print

Companies need managed print because it's essential to growth, innovation, and time management to streamline your print environment before it gets out of hand.

In addition, the cost aspect of print is huge. Most businesses find that employees waste almost 20% of what they print. Also, managed print can save up to 30% of your print environment. The question becomes, why wouldn't businesses get managed print?

The three major reasons that companies love managed print are:

Budget management

Get your budget in order, so it's predictable and easy to pay off printing every month.

Streamline print flow and traffic

Investing in a better workflow increases productivity and employee engagement. Also, employees aren't stuck trying to manage an out of control print situation.

Going green Going green may be the priority or reduced waste in general. Either way, it benefits the environment and your business, all while cutting costs.

Make the Shift

Taking on a managed print environment may seem like a big task, but it's simple with the right team helping you out. That team is Document Systems, and they're available to help you get started today.