Two Key Ways Educational Institutions Can Save Time and Money

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We hardly even have to say it: teachers and educators are extremely busy. Especially during the back to school time of year, it seems impossible to manage the tasks that academic employees are charged with.

That's where office efficiencies come in, some that can be overlooked by schools but can provide excellent time-saving solutions and budget improvements.

For years, Document Systems has partnered with communities to provide time-saving solutions for institutions that also help keep the budget manageable. How can an office supply and tech company benefit academic institutions? Read on.

Streamline Operations

Streamlining operations is everything when most employees have multiple duties and responsibilities. Document Systems quickly recognized that when schools have the right programs, they can find success in time and budget management pretty easily. Simply by leveraging technology that works in an educational environment.

Below are the two critical services that can save time and money.

Managed Print Services

Print management has an enormous impact on the functionality of your print environment. Managed print oversees supply ordering, service requests, basic print functionality, security, and troubleshooting.

Managed print services provide a reliable budget that your school can stick to easily, along with print policy recommendations and a print audit for data. The service saves most businesses at least 30% on their print budget - imagine what that could do for your school. Not to mention, saving administrative employees the annoyance of overseeing print issues makes everyone happier.

Ricoh Office Equipment

What machines you use in your school also matters - are they high-quality machines that take advantage of the latest technology to provide more efficiencies? If not, talk to your Ricoh dealer about how to invest in Ricoh Office Equipment, which is technologically advanced machinery that is reliable and very functional.

Let's Talk

If any of these ideas to save time and money in your educational institution, hit home for you, get in touch with Document Systems and let's discuss how to implement real solutions at your school.