What to Know Before Leasing a Copier

Woman using copier machine in office

Many businesses are investing in a copier leasing program. A copier leasing program allows you to make monthly payments to incrementally purchase your copier while also allowing some flexibility for an upgrade as your business grows. For many companies getting off the ground, this is an excellent option for starting out.

Buy vs. Lease

A copier lease makes sense if your business needs may change in the near future. If you could need specialized equipment and updated features, a lease can help you avoid outgrowing your copier too quickly.

The contract is often easy to negotiate and can include maintenance and other benefits. For any business that needs to consider a monthly charge, leasing your copier might make the most sense.

Buying is the other option, which may be better for many businesses. Buying means you pay the cost upfront without monthly payments and have the equipment you need for the long term. This can reduce ongoing costs and contracts for businesses that prefer to have the equipment purchase completed. In the end, it depends on your business needs, growth strategy, and other business specifics.

Questions to Ask

In order to adequately address your business specifics, some questions to ask include:

  • What are the terms and dates of a typical lease contract?
  • How can I upgrade my machine without a hassle?
  • What is the cost difference?
  • What is the outlook for updating technology?

Who to Contact

When investing in a copier - to lease or buy - you want to work with a reliable dealer that understands your business needs. Document Systems is your vendor partner to get exactly what you need. Contact us today.