What Law Firms Need to Know Before Purchasing a Copier


Using regular office equipment with legal documents can present challenges that are new to many other companies. For example, you’ll need security, quality, and tracking features that are much more essential in a law firm than in an ordinary business.

Selecting a copier based on cost alone won’t answer your concerns either since you probably won’t have the maintenance support, security, and backup needed to operate a multifunction printer or copier in a law firm.

From HIPAA to personal information, your copier can retain a lot of critical info that would be worth a lot to a hacker – investing in security and other reliable features like password protection and encryption is worth it in the beginning.

Office Equipment in Your Firm

Investing in the right equipment for your firm is essential to employee workflow, client satisfaction, and professional representation. First of all, you’ll want to understand what equipment features you need and what security features you must prioritize.

Working with a reliable vendor partner, who you can ask about these things in regards to your individual firm, is the best bet for receiving individualized, accurate information.

Critical Information on Copiers

Then, you’ll want to evaluate the following four issues in your machine before making a purchase.

  • Security solutions
  • Volume and quality
  • Compliance
  • Workflow integration

Getting Started with Document Systems

Moving ahead with your purchase and working with Document Systems is a reliable choice, and lets you lean on the expertise of a vendor that has been in the business for decades. Reach out to the Document Systems team to ensure that you make the best selection for your firm.