When to Upgrade Your Copier


Your business’ copier is a critical equipment piece that keeps your business’ document management running smoothly. When it goes down, so does office productivity. Knowing the signs that point towards a necessary upgrade are important, so we put together a list of questions and tips to help you know when it is time to move on to a new copier:

Questions to Ask

  • Is my office copier older than five years old?
  • Has my staff grown over the past couple of years?
  • Has the volume that I print increased in that same time?
  • Does my copier experience any ongoing issues?
  • What features do I wish my copier had?
  • Am I free from any current payments or leases from my current copier?

Benefits of Upgrading

Print Quality Improvements

As a copier pumps out documents over the years, the print quality can decrease heavily. As time goes on, your device experiences wear-and-tear that will eventually begin to affect its efficiency. By upgrading your copier, you will start fresh with a new machine that will print clean, crisp prints.

More Features

If you have had your copier for more than a few years, there are an abundance of new features available with the technology that comes with a new copier. This technology will streamline your business’ workflow into productivity and ease.

Increased Security

With copiers now often incorporated into business’ networks and storage systems, security features are more important than ever before. With an upgraded copier, you will be equipped to protect your business’ sensitive data and information from intentional cyberattacks and accidental mistakes.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

When you choose to upgrade your copier, you will find yourself with fewer repair needs. When your device goes down, it can be a real hassle for your business’ work day. Upgrading your equipment will keep your business working efficiently and will help avoid downtime due to mechanical issues.

To learn more about upgrading your company’s copier, contact Document Systems today!