Why Managed Print in Schools Makes Sense


School budgets represent a consistent challenge of resources to provide necessary tools and equipment to educational institutions. Managing a school budget is never easy, with limited funding that changes often.

Efficient printing is essential to schools where every dollar spent could have another home. This matters because print is vital to educational institutions, but is often ignored, overlooked, or devalued as far as spending, costs, and impact.

There are a few key things to consider when setting up a print environment for any educational institution. Different schools need varied features and benefits for printers. That’s why managed print services can help schools operate a print environment with a tight budget and secure oversight.

Print Oversight Puts School Budgets in Order

Luckily, to provide support to schools nationwide, Ricoh dealer Document Systems has stepped up.

Document Systems partnered to provide Ricoh office equipment and managed print services to educational institutions, to help ease the burden of print budgets while still sharing the vast benefits of a streamlined print environment.

Print Process Improvements Matter

Managed print in schools can help teachers and administrative staff be more productive, can assist with student projects, and keep communication standards high with quality equipment. Schools need to have access to the tools and equipment they need, and the team at Document Systems helps make that possible.

Make an Impact in Education

Addressing budget issues, print problems, and money pits like ineffective print in schools can make a significant difference in education.

Document Systemsbelieves in making office processes better by investing in print environment in schools across the country. It’s worth it for any industry - get in touch with the teamto learn more.