Why You Need to Protect Your Documents

managed print

We don’t give a second thought to securing our valuables, but for some reason when we leave our documents vulnerable we don’t think twice. Events in recent years are proving that data can always be more tightly secured it’s essential to put protecting your records at the top of your to-do list.

A Data Breach Will Impact Your Business

If your intellectual property has been compromised your revenue will be the first to take a fall. Then if customer data was also breached, you can lose client trust and thus their business. Unprotected data will result in an immediate decline in revenue. With your intellectual assets lost or sold you will also need to invest in attorneys and other court fees. Later down the road, you will have to amp up PR efforts which are another investment. It’s easy to see how protecting your digital documents is a form of insurance against this profit loss.

Vulnerable Documents

When you examine your current document security procedures, do you feel confident? If you can’t clearly identify who has access to documents in file cabinets or when they are printed, then you can’t know for sure who has seen what sensitive information. Managed print is a service that helps your office analyze its printing processes and take steps to make it more secure.

Security with Managed Print

At first look, you might assume managed print is about reducing printing costs, which it is. On the other hand, it offers a slew of strategies for tightening up your printing and securing sensitive data. It can implement processes such as passcodes needed to release print jobs, and other user authorized actions.

If you need to protect your documents to avoid losing client trust and potential profits, call us today to learn how managed print can help.