Why Your Law Firm Needs Optical Character Recognition

digital document

The use of documents in a law firm is an integral part of how a law firm works. These documents are the lifeblood of the firm, and they have essential data that the firm has to keep available and ready to be used when needed. With optical character recognition, you can make sure this happens and that every document can be used effectively.

PDF Documents

It's common to get a document that was created as a PDF. Most people learn quickly that a PDF can't be used in exactly the same was as other types of documents. One difference is that the text isn't accessible at all when it's in this format. You aren't able to add in any text or edit the existing text. You can't change anything that is wrong or outdated, and even worse, you can't search the document for specific words. Optical character recognition is a type of software that studies PDFs and similar documents and changes them from something that is perceived as an image by the computer into something that can be fully searched and edited.

Reading Characters

When a document has text on it but is perceived as an image, the text can be brought out of that image by the character recognition function of OCR software. This is done by the software scanning the document and finding both the characters and the spaces in between them. The software is designed to find each recognizable character and to recreate it in another document. It is programmed to understand individual letters and words so that it can check them against its database. This allows it to "read" the words as it is scanning the document and to decide what each character is. This allows it to create text files that are just what was included in the PDF document and do to it with the precision that a law firm needs.

Searchable Format

Once the characters are identified and placed into a new document, all of the words are searchable. You can then find the exact data that you're looking for with a quick search instead of having to go through long documents manually and trying to find it. This makes it possible to be far more efficient and to find data that may have been nearly impossible before.

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