Yes, Leasing Equipment Can Be Beneficial

equipment leasing

Imagine you’re scanning documents for a big project and your office equipment goes out. This is an unexpected delay and an unforeseen cost coming your way. Instead of worrying about buying a new machine, have you thought about leasing a device? Leasing is sometimes an overlooked option, but it can be right for you. Here’s why leasing equipment can be beneficial.

Upgrade Easily

As new business trends emerge, it’s essential to stay relevant. Office equipment does not always evolve quickly, but when it does there is usually a feature most businesses want to get there hands on. If you lease a machine, you can always upgrade your printer or scanner to a new model that completes jobs as you need them done.

Repair Costs are Included

It’s impossible to eliminate breakdowns in office equipment, but you can prepare for them better. If you own a machine, you have to pay for the replacement parts and labor. If you lease, on the other hand, your maintenance and repair are included. Having this added means, you can avoid the surprise of repairs costs and get back to scanning documents quickly.

Avoid Huge Up-Front Costs

Leasing office equipment doesn’t create a massive hole in your budget. Instead of spending a significant amount up front as you would with a printer purchase, you spread the payments out month by month. This makes new equipment more viable for small businesses or offices that had an unexpected need for a new copier.

Leasing equipment is a strategy for offices to embrace. You are not tied to a device and can upgrade when you need. It’s also the economical choice as you don’t have up-front costs and any maintenance needs are included in your contract. For more information on why leasing might be right for you, call us today!