Is Your Company Digitized?

stack of papers in one hand, tablet in other

The modern office uses an enormous number of documents every day. These documents can be difficult to keep organized as well as to keep the data in them from getting out to criminals. But by digitizing your company, many of these problems will be things of the past.

Scanning Documents

Perhaps the best way to digitize your office is to scan all of them into the computer system so that they are readily available when needed. Scanning these documents allows you to shred the hard copies and to keep the documents in digital form only. With this method, the problem of storing and organizing documents is over. Huge volumes of data can exist in digital form that takes up an extremely small space.

Organization for Digital Documents

After the scanning process, it's simple to keep the documents organized. They can be put into separate, digital folders so that they're easy for anyone in the office to find them when needed. These documents can also be shared between computers if wanted, so it's easier to collaborate, and you won't have to create more copies of these documents that then require more organization. When the data is well organized, it's quick and easy to find it again when a client or colleague needs access to it.

Storage Space

Scanning greatly reduces the amount of storage space needed. Where it was once expected to have full rooms dedicated to storing files and folders, a thumb drive can now hold a great deal of them. This means that you don't need as large of an office, and you don't need a specific employee hired to find and access older documents. It saves space, money and allows for having fewer employees for this reason. It's easier for employees to use, and workers don't have to be in good physical shape in order to get the folders they need out of storage.

When you want your office to be digitized, contact us. We'll let you know what you need to do and which equipment you need to get it done.