The Modern MFP

Using an MFP

As technology progresses, the capabilities of office equipment expand while size shrinks. In the office of yesterday, each technological function required its own specialized device. Not unlike cellular phones—which today handle the functions of music player, web browser, camera, flashlight, video player, book reader, and telephone—the modern office printer is smarter, faster, and smaller than ever, taking on the work of multiple devices. Meet the office workhorse: the modern multifunction printer (MFP).

Secure Paper Shredding Tips

Burns Shredding Documents

What does your company’s paper trash say about your business? Hopefully, nothing! The only message your paper trash should convey is that you’ve done your duty to keep your information secure. From daily ephemera like notes and receipts to critical documents like contracts, plans, and reports, paper is everywhere.  Recycling is a must, but before your paper heads off to become pulp again, make sure it doesn’t contain any readable information.

When Production Printing Makes Sense

Production Printing

When businesses are small and needs are limited, outsourcing print jobs can make sense. But as a business grows, relying on external vendors to meet those needs can become costly and inefficient. Not only do costs add up quickly for outsourced print jobs, but you are at the mercy of your print shop’s schedule. You’re competing with other clients for time, attention, and priority. Once your business’ needs have matured, it may be time to consider bringing production printing in-house.

Make Sure Your Paper Documents Are Protected

Sleeping on the job

Despite the powerful trend toward paperless workflows, most businesses still have circumstances that require hardcopies of documents. Contracts, proposals, manuscripts, prints, posters, maps, and receipts are all candidates for hardcopies, whether for financial, legal, or regulatory reasons. In other cases, paper documents are simply business ephemera—needed in hard copy format until they’re converted, transferred, or otherwise used. Unfortunately, paper documents can also bring with them a substantial amount of risk.

Printer vs. MFP: Which is the best Ultimate Team Player?

Here To Win and Make Goal

Selecting the best office equipment technology for your business can be a tedious process, like picking the right person for your team. Your options may seem endless and their features may confuse any prospective buyer. But, the first step toward selecting the right machine for your office is to determine if a single-function printer or multi-function printer (MFP) best suits your needs, similar to picking the right person on your team to win.

When weighing your options, the following factors are most helpful in deciding what’s best for you.


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