Color Printing Is a Smart Choice for Accounts Receivable

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In many professional environments, color printing is considered an extravagance. Regular inter-office documents don’t need color, right? That’s just for the marketing department, isn’t it? However, both of those sentiments are inaccurate. Read on to learn some astounding information about how the strategic use of color can help your financial team get results—by printing invoices with color.

Embrace Convenience with Mobile Printing

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The first fully functional digital computer, ENIAC, occupied an astounding 1,800 square feet. Mobile devices today pack exponentially more computing power into a mere 6 square inches! Computing’s evolution has involved ever-smaller components, and whether it’s sending print jobs from tiny smartphones or printing while away from the office, the convenience of mobile printing can’t be beat.

Mobile Print Technologies          

Document Systems Helps Companies Do What They Do Best

The secret to success in any business is focusing on your strengths. Document Systems’ goal is to help businesses leverage their office technology to maximize their effectiveness, but there’s no single solution that suits every company; business technology design is not one-size-fits-all. To help each company we work with thrive, we must understand their individual mission and critical workflows.


Stay Compliant with Healthcare-based Solutions

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With the growing role of data in our business and everyday lives, security and privacy have never been more important, and nowhere is it more critical than in healthcare environments. In addition to ethical considerations, healthcare companies are subject to strict regulatory compliance regulations such as HIPAA. Fortunately, many document solutions available today offer features that help healthcare organizations stay compliant while improving efficiency.


What is HIPAA?


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