6 Ways to Cut Back on Print and Paper Waste


Office waste is becoming a more important issue for companies, as it should be. Waste not only is unsustainable and has negative impacts on the environment and the local community, but waste is one big thing that matters to your business - it's expensive. You don't want to spend a bunch of money on extra paper, printing, unused documents, ink, and toner when your business can save money while streamlining operations with simpler print processes.

How to Eliminate Paper in Your HR Department

If a company uses manual processes, HR can be one of its most paper-intensive departments. Using a free file sharing app like Google Docs or Dropbox may feel like a step up from using paper. However, these apps are designed to enable collaboration on a project at one point in time. They don’t allow for management of the full document lifecycle or for version control, automated workflow and security that protects your company from fraud and cyberthreats.

7 Ways DocuWare Cloud Empowers You to Strengthen Compliance in 2021

In 2020, privacy concerns intensified and regulatory requirements followed suit. Keeping up with the changes can be daunting. It’s much easier if you’ve built a flexible foundation that adjusts easily to new regulatory requirements. Cloud-based document management can be a significant contributor to the success your compliance efforts. If it’s not part of your compliance plan today, there are many reasons why it should be.

10 Ways the Town of Windham Improves Service to Citizens with DocuWare Cloud

In addition to their traditional roles, state and local government entities have been put in charge of critical aspects of COVID-19 containment measures. Revenue from tax dollars and federal aid have not increased to keep pace with this new responsibility. Adopting technology that eases the administrative burden is a proven way to save resources and time that can be redeployed to meet current needs.


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