Got a Remote Workforce? How to Get Set Up for Success


Your workforce may be totally remote, or partially remote. Or, you may have a few mobile workers or even just a flexible schedule for employees that need it.

Either way or whatever it looks like, addressing how employees can work remote with your company can answer lots of questions up-front, assist with recruiting, and bring better productivity and more success to your entire company. Get things lined out early so you can set your teams up for an efficient and better workflow environment.

New Ways to Improve Sustainability


Going green has never been easier, or more critical for any business across all industries. Luckily, it’s easy to make a few fundamental changes that will have both employees, investors, and customers happy to work with a company that prioritizes sustainability and efficiency.

There are plenty of tiny changes to make that can also have improvements, but we’re looking at the big picture. Operations adaptations that also have significant benefits for cost savings, workflows, and office logistics.

Two Key Ways Educational Institutions Can Save Time and Money

Ricoh dealer

We hardly even have to say it: teachers and educators are extremely busy. Especially during the back to school time of year, it seems impossible to manage the tasks that academic employees are charged with.

That's where office efficiencies come in, some that can be overlooked by schools but can provide excellent time-saving solutions and budget improvements.

Find the Right Office Equipment Partner


Your business partners matter in all aspects of your company and business growth. Who you work with, who you trust to help you, and who you consult with are all careful considerations for any business owner.

It's no different with office equipment partners. When you decide who you'll work with to set up your office equipment, the decision matters. Don't underestimate the power that this person may have! They'll have an inside look at your business and understand your data and industry, so you need to trust them.

Simplify Storage and Document Management

digital office

Office storage is a big problem for many small or medium-sized businesses. Space is at a premium, especially in urban areas. And no one can keep expanding their office so that there is room for all the historical data and information that you need (but don't know where to store).

Also, how will you even use that information? No one is going to dig through file cabinets looking for information that could be helpful but will take way too much time to rediscover.

Don’t Get Print Scammed


It seems like there can't possibly be one more thing that your business can get scammed on, but unfortunately, print is not immune. That's right - scammers will target your print environment and employees that oversee print sometimes because they know that the job can be overwhelming and at times stressful.

Managing print doesn't need to be hard, and there are ways you can avoid getting scammed. Let's dig in.

Warning Signs

It's good to recognize a few warnings. How do you know when something may be amiss?

Benefits of OCR Document Scanning

optical character recognition

If you have ever tried to use a PDF or similar document type and found that you couldn't do much with it, you aren't alone. For this file type, there is very little you can do to it. It then has very limited usability in your business, even when you need data from it or need to search the file for certain words. However, optical character recognition technology can change the file into something that is far easier to use.


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