Scanning in Schools


Schools are working hard to keep up with digital demand, and sometimes that means the conversion to digital is a piece of the puzzle. To streamline all processes to go digital, you need adequate office equipment, networks, and scanning processes. If any of these elements don't work well, it can be challenging and frustrating to operate in a digital academic environment.

How Government Agencies Can Save Money with Managed Print


The private business world has been saving money and boosting company productivity by investing in managed print services for a while now. It’s time for government agencies to enjoy the same benefits.

Government agencies can also find great cost and time-saving strategies in managed print. How exactly can government agencies save big investing in managed print? Adding accountability, tracking, and waste reduction to your print environment will build a foundation for more responsible print policy and habits.

How Managed Print Fits in Your Industry


Managed print is widely known for saving companies money while improving general employee productivity. How does this work in your industry, though?

While the cost-saving benefits of managed print are apparent and similar across many businesses and industries, you'll always find the most specific answers by talking to your Ricoh dealer partner with your individual questions.

That said, here are some general responses to helping you see the incredible benefits of managed print across any industry.

What Law Firms Need to Know Before Purchasing a Copier


Using regular office equipment with legal documents can present challenges that are new to many other companies. For example, you’ll need security, quality, and tracking features that are much more essential in a law firm than in an ordinary business.

Selecting a copier based on cost alone won’t answer your concerns either since you probably won’t have the maintenance support, security, and backup needed to operate a multifunction printer or copier in a law firm.

Scanning Solutions for Workflow Improvement


Maintaining a position as a competitive business in today’s environment means that your company has to look for innovative solutions while increasing productivity and efficiency. Technology plays a major role in this, as companies that embrace the digital revolution seem better equipped to move ahead at the same pace as customers and business growth.

Streamline Processes

Investing in process improvement is one place to start, and you can digitize your company’s workflows using a few key services that help you get there.

3 Key Questions to Get the Best Copier


Business owners and managers are always curious about how to ensure they have the best equipment that provides optimal functionality and efficiency. Choosing the best copier is an individual decision, though, and it depends on what your business needs.

We can help provide some baseline questions that will get you started in your search for a new copier. However, you’ll need to bring in some specific information from your office and workflow style as well.


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