Don’t Get Print Scammed


It seems like there can't possibly be one more thing that your business can get scammed on, but unfortunately, print is not immune. That's right - scammers will target your print environment and employees that oversee print sometimes because they know that the job can be overwhelming and at times stressful.

Managing print doesn't need to be hard, and there are ways you can avoid getting scammed. Let's dig in.

Warning Signs

It's good to recognize a few warnings. How do you know when something may be amiss?

Benefits of OCR Document Scanning

optical character recognition

If you have ever tried to use a PDF or similar document type and found that you couldn't do much with it, you aren't alone. For this file type, there is very little you can do to it. It then has very limited usability in your business, even when you need data from it or need to search the file for certain words. However, optical character recognition technology can change the file into something that is far easier to use.

Easy Ways to Scan Documents

stack of papers

Scanning documents is a necessary task to operate a modern business that keeps pace with client demands, whether you find yourself in the office or on the road. You may already have machines in your office that allow for scanning of documents, but these are of little use to you when you're out of town or visiting client sites. There are easy ways you can scan and upload documents no matter where you are, minimizing any delays that keep your business from progressing.

Some ways you can scan documents in the office and remotely include:


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