Managed Print Services in Educational Facilities

U.S. Communities partnership, education

As a proud partner of U.S Communities, Document Systems understands the impact that Managed Print Services, and Ricoh products can have on local educational facilities. Through this partnership Document Systems can provide resources to school districts and educators serving students.

4 Ways Schools Benefit from Managed Print

1. Cost Savings

4 Key Benefits of a Multifunction Printer


Multifunction printers are the gem of the business world. They benefit productivity goals as well as help cut costs. The following four advantages should convince you your office needs a multifunction device.

1. Function

The number one benefit of a multifunction printer is its various abilities. A device that can print, copy, fax, and scan is much more convenient than having to move around to different machines in the office. When all the functions are on one device your business is also saving energy costs as only one engine is running.


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