Know Before You Go: Purchasing a New Copier


Offices everywhere are going digital and switching to at least partial remote workforces. This makes a lot of sense in many situations. However, there are a few surprising things about making a switch to digital - it doesn't cut out your need for a copier and some hard copy documents. Especially for small businesses or the home office, it's often that printing something hard copy is still necessary for review, signature, communication, or editing.

Go Green with Better Tech and Managed Print


Technology is the secret to sustainability, and businesses face ongoing pressure to respond to climate change, remote working needs, and keeping costs down. These issues can all be solved with one helpful office answer, luckily - managed print.

Managed print services streamlines your purchases and only orders supplies you need so your costs and environmental impact are instantly reduced by not overbuying or purchasing in excess.

Managed Print in Academic Institutions


Academic institutions are facing a world of the unknown with online learning, remote workforces, and education demands and requirements in flux. Managing your budget is more important than ever, and the best way to get on top of your spending is to start with the low-hanging fruit - like print.

Printing can be extremely costly for your business, depending on need, volume, and supply ordering. If employees overprint and then waste the materials, it can be a huge cost for you.

Your Printer vs. Copier Answers


When you're making a machine investment, do you want to get a printer or a copier? It depends on your business volume and how you use your machine, but Document Systems has this easy guide to walk you through the process.

Understand Your Business

First, you want to understand your business inside and out. Even if you are the founder and creator, there might be something to learn here. Ask employees about their workflow and processes. Get updated on how all clients communicate, how your teams collaborate, and what would make life easier.

How to Establish Document Management Processes


Is document management an issue at your business? Are you looking to improve version control? Do you need digital solutions and better communication? Can your teams find new ways to collaborate if they are all online in the same work system?

That means that document management will probably be very helpful for your business if you find that any of the above needs resonate with your company's concerns. As a manager, you're ready to find solutions like document management, but you may need help setting up your process. It's easier than you think!

Benefits of Managed Print


Managed print is today's equivalent of new technology - it's an outsourced service that saves your business time, money, and operations issues.

What exactly is managed print? It's a service that analyzes your print fleet, organizes your print data so you can understand where your print budget is going, and then makes recommendations for managing your print environment so that you can have a reliable print budget every month.

Managed Print Can Save Big for Colleges and Universities


Most educational institutions rely heavily on printers and hard copy documents. However, your office equipment on campus is also essential for digital document storage, scanning, copying, and emailing information, data, and materials for cloud storage.

In addition to the hard copy and digital requirements of staff, students, and faculty, addressing paper needs is another thing to tackle. Supply costs can get out of control when there are so many print locations and people ordering supplies.

Scanning in Schools


Schools are working hard to keep up with digital demand, and sometimes that means the conversion to digital is a piece of the puzzle. To streamline all processes to go digital, you need adequate office equipment, networks, and scanning processes. If any of these elements don't work well, it can be challenging and frustrating to operate in a digital academic environment.


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