Stay Compliant with Healthcare-based Solutions

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With the growing role of data in our business and everyday lives, security and privacy have never been more important, and nowhere is it more critical than in healthcare environments. In addition to ethical considerations, healthcare companies are subject to strict regulatory compliance regulations such as HIPAA. Fortunately, many document solutions available today offer features that help healthcare organizations stay compliant while improving efficiency.


What is HIPAA?

Scanning Solutions: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Explained


Many offices considering the move from paper toward digital document management look forward to saving time, money, and space through this transformation. It’s extremely beneficial to move your files and records from dozens of file cabinets to a small hard drive (or even the cloud!), but how do you maintain access to all of your information once it’s been digitized? This is made possible by optical character recognition (OCR).

Questions to Ask When Setting up Data Backup Measures


As we move to an increasingly data-dependent world, data backup and disaster recovery strategies are more important to organizations than ever. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that after a disaster, more than 40 percent of affected businesses never reopen. Of those that do make it, fewer than one in three are still operating after two years.

Helping Make-A-Wish Make Dreams Come True


At Document Systems, we feel extremely fortunate to be in a position to help local non-profit organizations make our community a better place. By doing what we do best—reducing expenses and improving print capabilities—we’re able to help amazing organizations like Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties do what they do best: make wishes come true for children with life-threatening illnesses.


Game-Changing Experiences

Stay Organized with Document Management

Organizing Files

Modern businesses create and manage more digital documents than ever. So many, in fact, that it’s easy for your business data to spiral out of control. Fortunately, electronic document management solutions can help. With document management, you leverage a central software system to store, access, analyze, share, and publish your documents efficiently.

If you’re ready to move past difficult-to-follow naming conventions, lost files, and complicated collaboration, learn how document management can keep you organized.

Back to Basics: Document Management Workflow Explained

Organizing Workflow

Document management is a critical organizational component for any business. What many fail to do, however, is utilize their document management solution for improving workflows, instead using it simply to store and warehouse their data. By capitalizing on the full power of document management technology, your company can streamline workflows, track processes, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.The following is an overview of document management workflow.

The Modern MFP

Using an MFP

As technology progresses, the capabilities of office equipment expand while size shrinks. In the office of yesterday, each technological function required its own specialized device. Not unlike cellular phones—which today handle the functions of music player, web browser, camera, flashlight, video player, book reader, and telephone—the modern office printer is smarter, faster, and smaller than ever, taking on the work of multiple devices. Meet the office workhorse: the modern multifunction printer (MFP).


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