Copiers for Charities

Make a Wish Foundation of the Tri-Counties

"Having a partner in Adam, who understands our business needs and the passion it takes to grant wishes for children with life threatening medical conditions is awesome. Thank you Document Systems and Adam Shotland for adding a little spring to our step when we found out you would be donating a copier to Make-A-Wish and for helping take such great care of us."

John MacFadyen
Interim CEO

Free Copiers for Charities

People won’t donate to a charity if they don’t know what it does. Charities depend on their ability to produce and distribute information on their causes and activities. At the same time, these organizations need to keep their operating costs as low as possible. Every dollar that goes to purchasing equipment is a dollar that can’t go towards reaching their ultimate goals.

To help them reduce their expenses, Document Systems set up a special program that provides charities in need with free copiers. Our devices have enabled companies to save 20-40% on producing and distributing documents. You’ll have the ability to streamline and simplify the process for getting information to current and future donors.

To sign up for our Copiers for Charities program, fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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