Multifunction Systems

Multifunction Systems

Benefits of Multifunction Systems

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are perfect pieces of equipment for companies looking to increase productivity while conserving office space and reducing costs. By combining the functions of many devices into one, MFPs allow you to:

  • Cut down on expenses for document production and distribution by 20-40%
  • Reduce the need and costs for device support and maintenance
  • Produce high volumes of color and black-and-white prints with ease

Features of MFPs

Document Systems’ multifunction systems have four main features:


You can make scalable, high-quality prints. Available systems also have finishing options such as stapling, three-hole punch and booklet-making.


Multifunction systems use the latest digital copying technology. They’ll give you the highest quality of color and black-and-white reproductions while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Instead of scanning a document over and over, MFPs enable you to produce multiple sets of copies with only one scan. This “scan once, print many” capability is especially useful for large copy runs. MFPs also let you print documents in complete sets, eliminating the need for bulky, cumbersome stacking bins.


You can capture documents and convert them into multiple electronic formats:

  • Email: The scan-to-email function of most MFPs allows you to send information quicker, prevent unauthorized access and communicate directly with your intended recipient.
  • File: Multifunction systems can scan any paper-based document to virtually any network folder.
  • OCR: Scanning to OCR (optical character recognition) allows you to convert scanned documents into applications such as Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect. You can also scan charts and tables into Microsoft Excel.
  • Electronic Document Management: You can connect your multifunction system to the document management software on your office’s computer network. In many cases, you can even name and save files directly from the MFP for extra efficiency.


You can fax documents to multiple locations quickly and easily. MFPs also allow you to fax from any desktop on your network as well as print, copy or scan other documents at the same time.

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