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Print Management

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Print Management: Higher Output, Lower Cost

Many companies don’t realize the significant income drain that printing costs can represent. According to a recent InfoTrends survey, corporations spend up to 6% of their annual revenue on document and device management and related processes. Excessive or inefficient printing processes can drive these costs higher.

Document Systems’ Print Management can help you save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs. After we conduct a free analysis of your current printing requirements, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that increases your productivity while lowering your total operating costs.

How Print Management Works

Print Management involves three key steps:


As organizations grow, they’ll often purchase new machines without taking their old ones out of service. This mixture of old and new equipment can hamper office efficiency as employees work to figure out the newer devices.

We make the technology level of your devices uniform throughout your workplace. You and your employees can focus on day-to-day tasks rather than waste time learning how to operate different types of hardware.


We reduce your workplace’s number of personal printers, which can cost four or five times as much to maintain as departmental printers. This will not only lower costs for toner and parts but save you time on equipment upkeep as well.


We help you determine the right sizes and locations for printers and multifunction systems throughout your office. This will further increase your efficiency and reduce overall costs.

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