Up to 15 prints/minute
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Large workgroups perform hundreds—if not thousands—of individual document management tasks every day. To maintain high productivity in these demanding, fast-paced environments, you need easy-to-use systems that deliver exceptional efficiency and productivity. Like the Ricoh FAX4430L, which provides quick fax transmission speed and convenience copying for stand-alone applications.


  • Quick scan speed of 1.3 sec/page (Based on ITU Test Chart #1)
  • High-resolution scanning for multi-page documents with the 70-sheet automatic document feeder
  • Standard Super G3 modem with JBIG compression; optional second G3 Modem doubles thoughput and productivity
  • 1,280 pages of fax memory expandable to 2,200 pages
  • 10 programmable user function keys for one-touch operation