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Documents play a critical role in the healthcare process. When information flows smoothly, clinics can focus on their primary goal of providing outstanding patient care. However, when processes become bottlenecked, productivity slows and patient care suffers. Nobody understands this better than Tony Alatorre, Chief Business Officer for Clinicas (, a growing group of 17 clinics providing healthcare services to lower income patients across Ventura county. Over 30 years he has been intimately involved in both the operations and growth of this important public service organization. Faced with improving outcomes while managing expenses, Alatorre is always on the lookout for ways to improve the operations of clinics. 

Challenge: Manual Processes Slowing Productivity and Frustrating Employees

When it came to producing and managing documents, Alatorre realized that there were several core issues that seemed small on the surface. However, the results of these frustrations were hampering productivity, frustrating employees, and sometimes impacting patient care.

Scanning Documents into OnBase

Clinicas had implemented OnBase content management software with the goal of improving productivity. While searching and retrieving digital documents online was easier than rifling through filing cabinets, the process of scanning documents into the system had become laborious. “Our health center managers were beginning to feel like clerks,” recalls Alatorre. Users would scan the documents to a folder on their desktop. Then, they would return to their desks, open the OnBase software, upload the document, and enter index fields. These unnecessary steps began to frustrate the busy clinic managers.

Printer Supply Ordering and Service

With a fleet of 64 laser printers multifunction systems scattered across 17 locations, very few days went by without departments needing to order printer supplies or service. Ordering printer supplies required a multi-step requisition process that could take up to one week. By the time everyone signed off on the requisition, the printers were often out of service, causing interruption to the clinic workflow. When it came to fixing broken printers, the locations called in the Clinicas I.T. team. This meant that high-cost I.T. resources had to travel to the location to resolve the printer issue. Not only was this a distraction to the I.T. team, fixing mechanical issues with printers was outside their core competencies.

Solution: Automate Scanning and Managed Print Services

When it came time to update the fleet of copiers, Alatorre seized the opportunity to address the productivity issues. During quarterly account reviews with Document Systems, Document Specialist, John Puentes had showcased several ideas that had the potential to solve the workflow challenges.

NSi Autostore

Embedded in the control panels of the new Ricoh Aficio multifunction systems, NSi Autostore allows users to scan documents directly into the OnBase content management system. Instead of scanning documents to desktop, users simply designate the folder to store the scanned document. Users can name the file and add indexing information directly from the control panel of the multifunction system.

Managed Print Services

The I.T. department was happy to offload the frustration of managing laser printers to the print specialists at Document Systems. With the new Managed Print Services (MPS) program, every printer and multifunction system is proactively monitored by the Document Systems support team. Supplies are automatically shipped to the clinic locations when the devices are running low. When a printer or multifunction system requires attention, Document Systems’ field support team shows up on-site to quickly resolve the problem. If a printer can’t be fixed, they simply swap it out so the clinics can stay productive.


In addition to refreshing their fleet of multifunction systems with the latest Aficio devices from Ricoh, Clinicas enjoys several key benefits. Productivity Increased. The ability to scan documents directly into OnBase has cut a lot of steps in our daily processes,” commented Alatorre. Similarly, offloading the frustration of managing printer supply and service issues has freed up the I.T. staff to focus on strategic initiatives and security while end users are less impacted by out-of-service devices. Staff Morale Improved. Instead of feeling like high-paid clerks, staff members can now focus on their core roles. "It may seem like a small thing, but this is improving staff morale.” More Focus on Patient Care. “We see success at the user level,” smiles Puentes. Where it used to take multiple steps and several days to get mundane tasks completed, the Clinicas staff is now able to focus on what they do best: providing excellent care to their patients. “It’s fulfilling to be a part of helping this organization run more smoothly." Going forward, Alatorre and Puentes continue to explore other opportunities to streamline workflow using the NSi Autostore solution. The data provided through managing printers continues to give insight on how documents flow through the organization while revealing opportunities for cost savings. When asked what he would say to other organizations considering workflow and managed print solutions from Document Systems, Alatorre says, “Reach out to them. There is real value. They are local, they are great communicators, and 99% of the time we get same day resolution to support issues.”

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