What Law Firms Need to Know Before Purchasing a Copier


Using regular office equipment with legal documents can present challenges that are new to many other companies. For example, you’ll need security, quality, and tracking features that are much more essential in a law firm than in an ordinary business.

Selecting a copier based on cost alone won’t answer your concerns either since you probably won’t have the maintenance support, security, and backup needed to operate a multifunction printer or copier in a law firm.

3 Key Questions to Get the Best Copier


Business owners and managers are always curious about how to ensure they have the best equipment that provides optimal functionality and efficiency. Choosing the best copier is an individual decision, though, and it depends on what your business needs.

We can help provide some baseline questions that will get you started in your search for a new copier. However, you’ll need to bring in some specific information from your office and workflow style as well.

4 Ways to Get the Best Copier for Your Company


Content management and digitizing your office are critical components of running a business today. However, often they are just one aspect of running the business.

You probably still need a copier in your office, since so many documents are either requested or delivered a hard copy. While maintaining a digital strategy is key, it’s true that not every industry, client, or partner is 100% digital, so you’ll need to work across many options.

Having a reliable copier in your office is extremely helpful, but how do you get exactly what you need?

When to Fix Your Copier vs. When to Buy New


Businesses spend a ton of money on office equipment because it’s a good investment – it can last a long time, products look professional, and your office is efficient and productive because of it.

However, when you invest in a major piece of equipment, you want to make sure that it’s working at the highest level at all times. If your copier is going downhill a bit, it’s time to evaluate if you can keep fixing it or if it’s time to throw in the towel and invest in a copier upgrade.

Extend the Life of Your Office Copier


Your copier needs a little care and maintenance, just like any other piece of office equipment. It’s easy to take care of your machines when you invest in high-quality equipment, and it can make a big difference in the life of your investment.

Service and Partnerships

Having a reliable service crew, a trusted vendor, and an excellent repair and maintenance schedule is first on the list to extend the life of your office copier. You want to put all the pieces in place for success and a smooth-running machine.

Got a Remote Workforce? How to Get Set Up for Success


Your workforce may be totally remote, or partially remote. Or, you may have a few mobile workers or even just a flexible schedule for employees that need it.

Either way or whatever it looks like, addressing how employees can work remote with your company can answer lots of questions up-front, assist with recruiting, and bring better productivity and more success to your entire company. Get things lined out early so you can set your teams up for an efficient and better workflow environment.

Find the Right Office Equipment Partner


Your business partners matter in all aspects of your company and business growth. Who you work with, who you trust to help you, and who you consult with are all careful considerations for any business owner.

It's no different with office equipment partners. When you decide who you'll work with to set up your office equipment, the decision matters. Don't underestimate the power that this person may have! They'll have an inside look at your business and understand your data and industry, so you need to trust them.


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