Cutting Print-Related Costs in Your Law Office

cutting Copier costs

For the modern law office, devices like copiers, computers, and supplies are necessary to accomplish the copious amounts of files and paperwork that is required for every process. Every year when budget planning comes around, print-related costs are one of the most significant stressors for law companies, due to difficult cost projections and expensive devices. To balance your print-related spending, you need to know where to manage, upgrade, or cut costs.

Here are five steps to help you cut costs and gain control of your print-related spending:

Why You Should Be Purchasing Your Copier from an Independent Dealer


When your business is in the market for a new copier (also referred to as an MFP), there is no lack of decisions to make when considering the right brands and models of devices. Choosing the device with the right bells and whistles for your company is one thing, but choosing who you to buy from is a different kind of beast.

You have two options when it comes to purchasing: from the manufacturer or an independent dealer.

The Perks of Refurbished Printers

copier in use

It isn’t cheap to operate in today’s business market. Business owners are always looking to cut down operating costs so more can be invested into the product or service they offer. It’s essential that all operations are accounted for, so the most cost-effective practice is being implemented.

An excellent way to save money is by investing in a refurbished printer. Most of these machines are of the same quality as new products, because they have been restored to meet factory standards. Here are five ways that choosing a refurbished printer can benefit your business:

The Impact of Color in Printing

colorful paper crumpled up in a row with lightbulb

Color plays a significant role in the world around us. Color has the power to change the way we think and feel about an environment or a situation. It can even have effects on our health, like raising or lowering our blood pressure, easing or irritating our eyes, and also affecting our appetite. In printing, color plays a significant role in winning over customers. Quality prints with bold colors are far more effective than faded, colorless prints.

Sustainability and Copier Repair

copier repair

The more that we learn about how our actions impact the environment we feel a responsibility to increase our sustainable efforts. Companies large and small also realize that they can be leaders in going green and influencing employees and customers alike. When it comes to office equipment, you can start by learning to repair copiers instead of immediately replacing them.

The True Cost of Color Copiers


Your printing budget should be carefully considered otherwise it can get out of hand. One aspect that can alter your budget is copying in color. Here’s how you can determine the actual cost of copying in color.

Inkjet Vs. Laser

The essential difference between inkjet and laser is the former is a liquid, and the latter is a powder. They function the same, but each is beneficial for its own reasons. You can buy either at an economical price, but a less expensive laser device may only make black and white copies.


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