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Managed Print in Academic Institutions


Academic institutions are facing a world of the unknown with online learning, remote workforces, and education demands and requirements in flux. Managing your budget is more important than ever, and the best way to get on top of your spending is to start with the low-hanging fruit - like print.

Printing can be extremely costly for your business, depending on need, volume, and supply ordering. If employees overprint and then waste the materials, it can be a huge cost for you.

Managed Print Can Save Big for Colleges and Universities


Most educational institutions rely heavily on printers and hard copy documents. However, your office equipment on campus is also essential for digital document storage, scanning, copying, and emailing information, data, and materials for cloud storage.

In addition to the hard copy and digital requirements of staff, students, and faculty, addressing paper needs is another thing to tackle. Supply costs can get out of control when there are so many print locations and people ordering supplies.

How Managed Print Fits in Your Industry


Managed print is widely known for saving companies money while improving general employee productivity. How does this work in your industry, though?

While the cost-saving benefits of managed print are apparent and similar across many businesses and industries, you'll always find the most specific answers by talking to your Ricoh dealer partner with your individual questions.

That said, here are some general responses to helping you see the incredible benefits of managed print across any industry.

Why Managed Print in Schools Makes Sense


School budgets represent a consistent challenge of resources to provide necessary tools and equipment to educational institutions. Managing a school budget is never easy, with limited funding that changes often.

Efficient printing is essential to schools where every dollar spent could have another home. This matters because print is vital to educational institutions, but is often ignored, overlooked, or devalued as far as spending, costs, and impact.

Print Efficiency can Help in Education


Does your school spend a lot of money on print? It's likely more costly than people realize, especially if no one has done the math lately. How can you make it a little less expensive while still getting what you need from print?

The first step is to contact a local Ricoh dealer and discuss options for managed print and efficient machines. Even just making a few tweaks to how you oversee print tasks and how print oversight is operated can save a lot of money.

Ricoh Dealers Bring Office Efficiency to Schools

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Helping educators, academic institutions, and any level of school increase operational efficiency and save money is a significant endeavor and one that Ricoh dealer Document Systems doesn’t take lightly.

At Document Systems, we are a company that is invested in education, students, and teachers. We want to discover more ways to bring more efficiency to schools while improving cost, use, and stewardship.

Two Key Ways Educational Institutions Can Save Time and Money

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We hardly even have to say it: teachers and educators are extremely busy. Especially during the back to school time of year, it seems impossible to manage the tasks that academic employees are charged with.

That's where office efficiencies come in, some that can be overlooked by schools but can provide excellent time-saving solutions and budget improvements.


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