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Support Learning with Managed Services


Your academic institution is ready to move forward in an increasingly digital world. But sometimes there are barriers for schools - like cost, budget, time, and personnel resources. However, investing in managed services to assist your transition to a more efficient digital institution will only save money and time in the future.

It's time to partner with a reliable vendor that works with educational organizations to increase workplace efficiencies. Read on to see what that looks like, and how it can help you.

Managed Print in Academic Institutions


Academic institutions are facing a world of the unknown with online learning, remote workforces, and education demands and requirements in flux. Managing your budget is more important than ever, and the best way to get on top of your spending is to start with the low-hanging fruit - like print.

Printing can be extremely costly for your business, depending on need, volume, and supply ordering. If employees overprint and then waste the materials, it can be a huge cost for you.

Managed Print Can Save Big for Colleges and Universities


Most educational institutions rely heavily on printers and hard copy documents. However, your office equipment on campus is also essential for digital document storage, scanning, copying, and emailing information, data, and materials for cloud storage.

In addition to the hard copy and digital requirements of staff, students, and faculty, addressing paper needs is another thing to tackle. Supply costs can get out of control when there are so many print locations and people ordering supplies.


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