What You Need in a Printer

In the modern office, printers don’t just need to produce documents. They need to integrate smoothly with your workplace’s daily activities and keep your information protected.

When looking at a new printer, you should ask:

  • What’s the reliability record of the printer? How reliable is its manufacturer?
  • How quickly does it print the first page of a document?
  • How easily can I manage the printer and troubleshoot problems?
  • What kind of additional options does the printer have? Will these options benefit me?
  • What kind of security tools does the printer have?

Document Systems can help you answer all of these questions. We will work with you to find a printer that will optimize your productivity while keeping the total cost of ownership low.

Benefits of Document Systems’ Printers

The benefits of our available printers include:

  • Unmatched print quality thanks to integrated toner and cartridge design
  • Instant-on features, which allow you to print faster while saving money and energy
  • Auto-duplexing, stapling, and other helpful additional options
  • Private identification security options, which enable you to monitor and protect sensitive information

Document Systems’ Print Management program can help you further manage your printing solution. You can send supplies alerts to administrative assistants, send troubleshooting alerts to the helpdesk and more.

For more information on our selection of printers, browse our Product Catalog or contact us.